Thursday, August 15, 2019

Juan de Fuca trail

This past summer my friend and I gave up doing math 12 for an experience of a life time. The Juan de Fuca trail was one we have heard of before and was highly recommended. With its beautiful beach campsites to its deep forests and cute animals, it is a hard adventure to pass up. We started at China beach and made our way across the 47 kilometres until reaching Botanical Beach near port Renfrew. Some people start going the opposite way, however, starting at China means that the hardest part of the trail is done in the first couple of days. The average time to hike the trail is four days and five nights. However, it ranges from one day to around a week. My two favourite things to see on the trail was Mystic beach and the hidden waterfall on Sombrio beach were we stayed the third night. Mistake is just a few kilometres past China and was both mine and my friend Andrew's favourite beach. 
Mystic Beach

My second favourite place we saw was the hidden waterfall on Sombrio. It is important to know were it is before going because of the way it is hidden. After arriving on the beach, you will see a creak the runs across the shoreline. Start following the creek up and eventually a cave with a open ceiling will appear. At the end of this rock formation is the gorgeous waterfall that you guys all need to visit. 
The waterfall!

During this amazing journey, I started working on my videography. I made a two part video series on youtube to show you guys me and Andrews Journey and the adventures two teenagers had on this amazing hike. I hope you guys enjoyed my first blog and it pushes you guys to step outside your comfort zone. Below is the  both my videos on the trail. Thanks for tuning in (:

Part 1:

Part 2


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